susan guralnik i love you

So often it's not the object but the context that evokes creation.

I start from the static image, the graphic, the memory or visual stamp, the split-second exposure. I add color, light, emotion, and circumstance in very quick brush strokes to bring this otherwise closed space in time to life.

My paintings very much resemble the glorification of a 'double - take', if it could be frozen in its very movement. One might say I am reversing the pop-art aesthetic forward to another dimension.

My study reveres the work of Chaim Soutine - an Expressionist who dealt wholely with the subject matter in very large dripping brush strokes - as if it were screaming itself off the canvas.

Willem de Kooning was, is, and will always be another maverick in the synthesis of my work.

This artist statement is not complete nor finished, as yet, neither am I.

Sincerely, Susan.